Opportunities for Graduates

Graduate Profiles

BA Programme

A BA programme graduate is qualified to:

(a) perform social work activities employing appropriate social work methods;
(b) identify and analyse influences causing social problems;
(c) help clients identify their needs and resources as well as plan a course of action to restore or enhance their psychosocial functioning;
(d) defend the interests of clients against other entities;
(e) plan out and conduct basic research in their field of expertise.

MA Programme

An MA programme graduate is qualified to:

(a) perform social work activities employing advanced social work methods;
(b) conduct social analyses and perform conceptual activities involving the analysis of frequently recurrent social situations and create social conceptions that provide solutions to such situations, mostly by setting up social programmes and plans (social planning);
(c) manage social institutions and teams engaged in social work (social management);
(d) conduct social research involving the assessment of clients’ needs and the effectiveness of services as well as administrative and social policy measures;
(e) carry out scientific work aimed at the development of theory and the methodology of practice.

PhD Studies

A PhD programme graduate:

(a) has mastered field-specific research methods and their application;
(b) is able to apply procedures appropriate for comprehensive analysis of social problems, the management of community care and services and for analysis of difficult life and work situations;
(c) is able to conduct research, conceptualise and educate at the university level in the fields of social protection, the theory and practice of social work, or supervision, ethics, probation and mediation in the criminal justice system, and other applied fields of social work;
(d) is able to coordinate conceptual and analytical work when holding management positions in institutions responsible for social protection (such as the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and others).

Graduate job opportunities

Our graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities. In the coming years, the labour market segment for which our graduates are qualified will continue to further expand.

Below see the list of the professions for which the graduate of both BA and MA programmes is prepared, his or her other employment possibilities and the characteristics of employers working for whom he or she will be able to use the acquired education:

  • public institutions at the central (national) or local (regional, municipal) administration level in the system of
    • the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
    • the Ministry of the Interior
    • the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
    • the Ministry of Justice
  • private institutions
    • for-profit entities
    • non-profit institutions (associations, community benefit societies, foundations, religious and other non-governmental organisations)
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