The Focus of the Research

A key part of the department’s agenda is the development of research activities, with not only the academic personnel but also the students and, of course, PhD candidates contributing to its results in the form of collaborative publications, projects, and educational events.

As early as during their bachelor’s studies and further into their master’s programmes, our students are actively encouraged to develop their skills in conducting field-related research, that is, adopting basic strategies and principles applied in the conception and execution of comprehensive research projects.

The ongoing fundamental and applied research projects (supported by the Czech Science Foundation, GA CR, and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, TA CR), as well as Charles University’s 2017-21 Progress institutional development programme (titled “Life course, lifestyle and quality of life from the perspective of individual adaptation and the relationship of the partakers and institutions”), have allowed for a stronger connection between the students’ bachelor, master and doctoral theses and the research activities of the academic staff. During the process of obtaining research results, students are thus enabled to develop their research competencies through practical research activities.

Presently, among other subjects, the Department of Social Work maintains special interest in the following research topics:

  • professionalisation of social work, educational models in social work and qualification requirements for the performance of social work
  • evaluation of psychosocial interventions, multidisciplinary teams providing care to people with long-term mental illnesses, elderly care – supporting family caregivers
  • the role of the probation officer, social work in criminal justice – helping crime victims
  • state intervention in the best interests of the child during a divorce, effective forms of assistance to the child during divorce proceedings, programmes for at-risk youth
  • possibilities of social and solidarity economy in the development of local communities, the role of the church in local communities, community education as a factor of social integration and development of local communities

Looking forward, the establishment of a doctoral study programme in social work would certainly further the development of the department’s scholarly activities as it is through the preparation and realisation of doctoral research projects that new subject topics are identified and the corresponding field-specific research terminology is introduced.


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